Claptrap is an AI that tells jokes. Terrible jokes. It generates these jokes itself by understanding the relationships between words.
Palettest is a Java library for testing images. It lets you test the palette that makes up an image, instead of matching exact colours.
Where's William is an Alexa app that tells you about my travels. It lets you know where I am now and where I've been in the past.
Cartographix is an javascript app that draws stylised maps, like the ones below. Designed for use on large screens.


I grew up in Durham, England before moving up to Scotland to read software engineering at the University of Edinburgh. My focus there was on Natural Language Generation (NLG), AI that writes text like a human. After graduation I moved to Aberdeen to work in a startup called Data2Text which later became Arria NLG.

At Arria I built projects for a wide variety of clients and built up the technology powering those solutions. I became the expert on Arria's SDK and took a position as the Head of Technology Development. A large part of that role was to stand in front of clients (from developers to CEOs) educating them on how NLG could improve customer experience and help them scale.

After nearly six years at Arria I left Aberdeen so that I could travel the world and work on a few personal projects. Look below to see where a year as a digital nomad has taken me.

At the moment I'm enjoying the British countryside while looking for my next opportunity. If you have an idea of what that could be, please get in touch at